Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm smokin' hot with a sore hand (but it has a pretty ring on it!!!)

So, my mom clipped this cartoon out of the paper and gave it to me recently. Think it's a hint?
However, she redeemed herself by giving me this for Valentine's Day. I'd take a picture of the ring on my finger where it is infinitely more beautiful, but the dog chewed through the cord that charges the battery of the camera....good thing it wasn't plugged in I guess.

Also, am I classified as a super-duper-mega nerd if I just happened to keep an extra IV catheter from clinicals today and used it to practice starting an IV on myself tonight??? Good thing I didn't do that then. *wink, wink* But, if I had, I bet I could have gotten it on the first try. And damn, I bet it would hurt a lot more than I originally thought it would. Little prick, my ass. I don't think I'll ever grumble under my breath again when patients whine that it hurts when nurses go digging around for veins. Or use the words "just a little poke."


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