Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jobs, Death, Cars & Gmail

I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW!!! They called me back about the LPN position in Family Services! Want me to interview on Wednesday afternoon. She was excited to see that I was applying because if I get the job they want to keep me on as an RN upon graduation. Yay! No pressure though, right? This is only my future here. I will commence freaking out here shortly. Especially because she mentioned that the second phase of the interview process involves the night shift workers in a group interview kind of gig. It seems a little weird to me that they get a say in the decision of whether or not to hire me. I sure hope that one of them wasn't in my class in 4th grade and I ignored her on the playground or something.

In depressing news, one of my former patients is dying. I heard through the home health grapevine that her parents had to make the decision to remove her life support this weekend. Please pray for her family.

My car finally messed up for my mechanic today! Usually I wouldn't be so excited that my car is messing up, but she's been on such good behavior for mechanics lately that I was beginning to think that I should go to a doctor for hallucinations rather than take her to a mechanic. But, she finally did it. And did it good. So, hopefully this is the first step in figuring out what the hell is wrong. It's about time. I spent almost $100 in gas this last week. This is not good when my job is scheduling me for 8 hours a week right now.

Also, I have a million (okay, 15) gmail invites. Anyone need one?


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