Friday, January 27, 2006

I hope they "latch on" to me

So I found out that I do still work for the company. Right now my only hours are on Saturdays from 8a-4p, with a client who doesn't yell at me and call me bad names (yet). But regardless, I'm seeking other employment. Mainly because I want to work in OB when I graduate and it's easier to get into if you either already work for the hospital or at least have some OB experience. So, I applied for two jobs today.

One is an LPN position at a large hospital in the OB department as a lactation nurse. Yep, that means I'd get to go around and help women learn to breastfeed. As of now the only experience I have in this field is that I was breastfed. I have never worked in OB. I have not had children. I have watched other people breastfeed their kids, does that count??? The original listing said it required either certification or 1+yrs experience. But they removed those requirements. So, maybe they are just desperate enough to hire me. We'll see.

The other one I am almost qualified for. It is as an LPN in family services (OB plus pediatrics). And, I actually have pediatric experience! Yay!! It is a little farther away (65 minute drive vs. 45 minutes for the lactation position) but in an awesome hospital.

I'm keeping my nipples crossed.


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