Saturday, January 28, 2006

Starting tomorrow, less of me

So, since August I have lost 40 pounds. But, that was as of the end of November. The last two months I have not lost any, in fact I have gained a few back. You would think that I would have been so thrilled with the progress that I would have stuck firm with my diet and exercise and kept at it. Twas not the case. I fell off the wagon. I was doing the low-carb thing, elliptical and phentermine. Pretty much the only thing I'm still doing is the phentermine. This scares me. That, while on the phentermine I'm barely maintaining. I need to get back at it. Starting tomorrow. In the meantime, have you tried those new Reese's cups with caramel? The death of me, I tell you...If you are trying to lose weight, don't even try them. They are the nectar of the gods.


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