Monday, January 23, 2006

I never knew you were a pick-up man

I'm driving my parents' truck right now. Well, not right now, but this week and indefinitely. My car is in the shop again. I cannot even begin to explain all the crap I've put up with the past 2 years. This time, despite the fact that over the last month the cruise control shuts itself off regularly, the wipers shut themselves off, the power steering shut itself off (it's electric not hydraulic), the headlights turned themselves off, the blinkers shut themselves off, the door chime has a weird twang about half the time, and most recently the little switch in the brake that engages to be able to shift out of park quit, Saturn refuses to work on it because it won't throw a code so they "don't know where to start." And of course, just like dogs and children, she won't do her tricks on demand. Only when it's dark and I'm at least 20 miles from home. Well, not always, it just seems that way. So, I took it to a friend who owns his own shop because (1) he is willing to try to fix it (2) he is confident he can fix it and (3) he is damn good. So, I'm driving the truck while he drives my car in the hopes that she will eventually act up for him. Please pray she does. I can't afford to get 12 miles to the gallon much longer.


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