Monday, January 30, 2006

Was it the caramel Reese's cup at bedtime?

So I had a very weird dream last night. There were four people working across the street, cleaning up brush or something I think. I saw them out there working, but didn't go speak because I was getting ready for a date. (now you can obviously tell this was a dream!) But, as I'm opening the door to let the dog out I see them pulling their truck forward and it had a big extension ladder of sorts on it. It clipped a branch and caused lots of debris to fall out of the tree, hitting and trapping all but one of the four people. I run out the door to go help, cell phone in hand. (how handy was that?) But, I get over there and the only guy left standing looks down and sees that I had slipped my crocs on and said that if I was stupid enough to come over and help in those shoes he didn't need my help. ???? I thought only my nursing instructors had that strong of negative emotions about crocs. So, I was extremely disappointed not to have been able to put some of my nursing skills to use, and walked home. I watched the fire trucks and ambulance(s) arrive and about that time this guy came to pick me up for my date. I have no idea why he was my date except that he was a topic of conversation with a friend of mine this week. I haven't seen him in at least 6.5-7 years and we never dated, weren't "friends", merely acquaintances. And he never even asked what was going on over there 1/2 a block from my house with firetrucks and ambulances! We start driving to somewhere, I presume to eat since that seems to be the popular date thing to do. I ask him where he lives/works now and he draws me a map....on my leg. Did my subconscious think that would be sensual? It was in ink. I am a weird person. He told me lived in some town called Camp and there was something about being 10 miles west of some town I swore I'd remember the name of so I could ask that friend if he really lives there, in which case I've found my true calling as a psychic. So, am I so desperate for a date that I create them in my brain? Or does my subconscious think I should have dated him 7-10 years ago? Or did the Reese's cup just mess with my head? You be the judge. But, I'll warn you, if you want to have me committed, it won't be voluntary. Oh, also, in case you were dying to know: the dream stopped there. I don't even know if we had a good date after the "leg-drawing" incident.


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