Monday, January 30, 2006

Another shittacular day

So, my little brother is getting married (not the shittacular part, I'm actually happy about that). On Sunday March 26 at 6pm 3 hours away. I found out today that I have clinical on Monday March 27 at 6:30 in the a of m, 150 miles from the wedding. Fabulous. (That is the shittacular part). This news came on the heels of my morning:

7:17 a.m. As I was leaving this morning for class (in the borrowed truck, which I appreciate), the oil light came on. Ever since my older brother burned up an engine due to underestimating the significance an oil light (I believe the quote was "I figured it'd get brighter if it was really important"), I fear doing the same thing in a moment of ignorance. The light doesn't stay on, but I'm still concerned (and fearing being late for class now, but the fear of ruining Dad's truck's engine wins out).

7:18 So, I turn around to go to a friend's shop (where my car is) because he is usually there by 7:00 am. Usually.

7:21 Not today. My plan had been either (a) he tells me its okay to drive it, nothing serious or (b) i leave it and take my car or his truck (we're good friends like that). So much for plans. So I take about 20 seconds and try to re-evaluate. Decide that checking the oil is probably a smart thing to do. Something a guy would have thought of a bit sooner, but there are no men here to witness my delay in thinking of it. It has plenty of oil. I will not tell you that I had to scrounge around to find something to wipe off the dipstick with...all i could find was a 1/2 roll of toilet paper that I threw in the truck, not because I use the bathroom frequently on the side of the road, but because I always forget to buy Kleenex and my nose has been running since about September. Is it bad to wipe off a dipstick with toilet paper? Does it get little particles on it like when I try to wipe the smudges off my bathroom mirror because I'm too lazy to walk the 10 steps into the kitchen and get a paper towel? I'll never know because I won't admit it to anyone who could tell me the answer to that.

7:26. I have to be in class, sitting in my chair by 8:00. It will take me 25 minutes to get there and I need to drop a time sheet for work on the way or I will not get paid on Friday. I'm a bit antsy. I call Dad. He mentions the "check the oil" thing. Figures he'd think of it so quickly. Then his only other suggestion is go to his house and borrow their suburban. I'm quickly running through vehicles these days, I'm not sure that's a good idea, but I'm desperate. And then, the clouds part, angels sing and my friend comes driving up.

7:32 He rechecks the oil. I'm slightly offended. But, hey, I don't think I'd trust me either. He is not moving with near the sense of urgency that I feel. He agrees, plenty of oil. Throws some technical lingo at me that I totally ignore as all I really care about hearing right now is "drive it" or "don't drive it." He says drive it.

7:37 I pull out, possibly throwing some gravel. Must get to class. This is only the third day with this teacher. Her biggest point the other day was: "I am a punctual person and I expect the same of you."

7:40 So, should I go ahead and try to drop off the time sheet? Probably not. I *might* make it as is. I turn on the radar detector.

7:43 Well, it's only about a block or so out of the way...and I just throw it in a drop slot....

7:48 She said "don't be late"

7:52 But I really need to get paid on Friday....otherwise I won't get paid for these hours until the *next* friday...

7:56 I get into coming up on the corner where I either turn left to turn in the time sheet or right to go to class...

7:59 I park, after having dropped off the time sheet. I run about a block and half up to the building, run up the stairs.

8:02 The door is still open. Hallelujah! The clock in the classroom is a minute or two behind mine! Huzzah! I managed both! Of course, my blood has been replaced with pure adrenaline and my pulse is somewhere around 300 I think, but hey, I'm in a room full of student nurses, as long as they're not wearing crocs, I'm sure they'll take good care of me.


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