Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Babies, Babies, Babies

I'm exhausted today. I spent all day (as in from 7am to 9pm) yesterday helping a friend of mine take care of her 5 week old adorable, beautiful, sweet, precious twins while her husband was at work. Well, okay, we did that until 7pm then we went out for a margarita to celebrate my birthday and her ability to get out of the house. We made sure her husband was home before we left the girls though.

Babies are needy little creatures. Twins are more than twice as needy, in my opinion. I swear, I'd get one settled and one would be squawking. She woke her sister up from the blissful sleep-state I spent 20 minutes rocking her into. Have you ever tried to hold one baby and pick up another one? Kids that can support their own heads don't count. And God help you if one of them spits out their pacifier. I found myself wishing for a third hand all day. Now I understand why Jana was so glad to have me come help. I was the third hand.


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