Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So where have I been?

Man oh man. My life has taken a turn for the fabulous. :) The date from March 4...he is wonderful. We have spent 5 of the last 10 nights together. Not *that* kind of "nights", get your mind out of the gutter. There are no games, total honesty about what we are feeling and thinking. He is as crazy about me as I am about him. And, not only can the man cook and clean (in fact, he is in charge of dinner tomorrow night, of his own volition), but he thinks he should. And I know that men say things they don't mean (news flash!) when in a new relationship, but this guy is so damned genuine. I made him cookies this afternoon and you'd have thought I gave him a new car or something. He likes my dog, he likes me, and we are meeting each other's families this weekend (not at the same time, different functions). I. am. smitten.

Oh yeah, and school is decent, my grandma is doing better and my car is still working, but who really cares about those things? ;)


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