Thursday, March 02, 2006

Moving on up.....

I haven't written anything because my week has sucked. My car was still in the shop, my grandma has been in the hospital for 8 days, my teacher is a moron, I had quit my old job and still had not received my temporary license to start the new one, my dog puked on my down comforter (again!) and my best friends are seriously considering divorcing. I'm starting to sound like a country song.

The friends are still as serious as ever about divorcing and my teacher is still a moron. But, this post is about happy things so I will not go there.

However, some things are getting better. My car is fixed. (I will not go into the negative aspects of this for the moment, we will just dwell in the land of "yay! the car is fixed!"). My grandma is home (of course she has lost nearly all mental clarity in the process of the hospitalization, but again, let's celebrate the small victories). My comforter is washed and back on the bed. I got my temporary LPN license today so I can (hopefully) start orientation next week. And, the topper for my day is that I have a date for Saturday night. With a nice employed man who does not like cats but likes me (so far). It's funny how my priorities have changed over the years.

So, I am going to bed before things start to deteriorate again. I have clinicals at the ass-crack of dawn. I am watching heart surgeries in the morning and doing patient care in ICU in the afternoon. I'm just hoping to take care of a living patient this time.


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