Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have weird notions of what makes a day "fun"

So, I had to run over to town for a few things yesterday afternoon. I was going up the street and a guy had a motorcycle accident right in front of me. He ran up the back end of a small car and did a few ESPN Ocho worthy flips. Got the adrenaline pumping. I pull over, slam the car into park, hit the hazards and run up there. He is writhing around freaking out. I yell at a girl to call 911 and hold the guy in C-spine and try to talk to him. Others are standing around helping, and a few are down on the pavement w/ me. We get him sort-of calmed down and I find out what his medical history is, what meds he takes, what his allergies are, his name, age, etc in case he passes out before EMS gets there. He's bleeding a little but nothing too bad and says he cant feel one shoulder. He is easily 25 ft from where his bike is laying in a crumpled mess. His wife(?) shows up and yells at him for wrecking the bike. Bitch was lucky I was holding C-spine and couldn't bitch-slap her. The police and ambulance got there remarkably fast and we handed him off to their care and I gave a quick statement and went on down the road and was shopping at Old Navy within 15 minutes. Kinda weird since my pulse was still pretty influenced by the adrenaline. Gave me a serious rush, which I kinda enjoyed. I don't want to ever work on the ambulance but ER would definitely be fun someday.


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