Friday, May 16, 2008

the black hallway

Last night we had one hallway full of incredibly emotionally depressing situations. We had a 19 week demise with the patient and her significant other arguing the entire time about who's fault it was. We had a 30 week twins with suspected fetal hydrops that spent the entire night being justifiably frightened about her baby's future. The worst for me though was a nurse who had spent the past 4 years trying to get pregnant, using pergonal and IUI and had just found out yesterday in the office that she had lost her 17 week twins.


AtYourCervix said...

That just sucks, sucks, sucks, all the way around.

It does seem like the deaths come in three's though, know what I mean?

L&DRNKY said...

I agree things like that come in 3's--maybe you're done for a while. What I hated was the patient I induced the other night for an IUFD who had been on the APU for a few weeks--intermittent monitoring. Had heart tones the night before--went to get a high risk scan in the AM and her baby had died. It's one thing to feel no movement at home--but to die while in the hospital is just horrible. Hoping things are better.

pinky said...

We have had a run of Iufds too.

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