Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm on standby tonight. The census was down at shift change and I had requested to stay home to watch Cameron (my friends' 8 year old daughter) in her 2nd grade play tonight. Of course I wanted to go in around 2200 so I wouldn't be out of a whole shift's pay but census was still down and no one else wanted to go home, so I was stuck at home. Of course I've done nothing purposeful but read blogs and send email. :) I really need to do laundry and sweep and clean the bathroom and clean off the desk and clean out the closet to make room for summer clothes...

I was reading another L&D nurse's blog and she was talking about how in times of pain you will agree to nearly anything. A few months ago one of my good friends at work (Susan) was taking care of a hispanic woman who did not speak English but her husband did. We had the hospital translator come in for the initial assessment and consents, etc but for most things the husband translated and they got along fine. She decided she wanted to get a block, which is rare for most of our hispanic population btw. They most often use a few doses of Stadol but rarely get an Epidural or Spinal. This young woman was hurting and requested the epidural. Susan called the translator and explained the procedure and how it was done, etc and got verbal consent. The block was placed and worked beautifully. A few hours later the husband and wife were talking and then the husband turned to Susan and asked, "now will she paralyzed from the chest down forever or just her legs?" ????? Susan hurriedly explained that the block was temporary, that it could be shut off and feeling would return. This poor young woman was hurting so badly that she was willing to accept what she thought would be permanent paralysis just to remove the pain. Sure makes us all explain better what we thought was already understood! :)


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