Monday, May 12, 2008


I got floated last night. This is a big source of contention in our department since we have to help staff our "sister" units (Postpartum, Nursery, NICU, Pediatrics), but when we are slammed they don't have to help us. They can put nurses on furlough even if we are dying. This PISSES ME OFF! So, NICU "had the numbers" for one more nurse, so since we had only a delivered on Mag and a rule out SROM and 5 nurses we had to float. It was my turn since I hadn't gone in a few months. I refused to float to NICU because I'm not trained for them and I am not going to make myself that kind of liable so I floated to Nursery and they had to float a nurse to NICU which pissed them off as well. So, we were a happy bunch all around last night :)
It was a long night too because I had been up since 0700 for church without a nap and the slow pace of the nursery does little to stimulate me. All the girls wanted to talk about was tornado damage which got old. I hate that so many lost their lives but I also don't feel like us gossiping about what we heard and what this ER nurse or that surgery nurse saw or did or whatever.
At least I won't be up to float again for a while (hopefully).


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