Friday, May 09, 2008

The plan

I went to my OB today. Since I work in the Birthing Center I work very closely with 9 different doctors and 6 different midwives so deciding who to go to was difficult. My first visit was with one of our most likable midwives because I like the midwife style of care and the doctors over her are the best in case I'd have to have a scheduled C-section at some point. After the first visit (she ran labs and diagnosed me with PCOS but "forgot" to call me and I found out when I called and talked to her nurse who just gave said "well, she diagnosed you with PCOS and wants you to start taking glucophage and go on a diabetic diet." This irritated me a lot, so I switched to my favorite doctor in her practice. I chose my doctor because he is very very professional, very conservative and has never questioned me if I call him at 0200 to come evaluate a patient because I just feel like he should. I'd want that if he were my doctor and I needed to be seen. I think I will miss the midwife attentiveness and coddling a little bit, but overall I think it's a good decision.

Since I've been diagnosed with PCOS I've been on glucophage for a little over 2 months. I've had one period and missed one. I'm currently 2 days late right now with a negative home test. I had a followup appt on Friday and he said that although we can't diagnose infertility until we've been unsuccessful for a year if I'm not having periods, what's the point? It's not going to work. So...he feels like that coupled with my age and diagnosis the best bet is that if I have a period in the next 10 days, great, we'll wait and see if the glucophage is helping. If not, he's going to put me on prometrium to have a period and then start Clomid.

I don't know whether I'm rooting for a period or not.


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