Friday, January 19, 2007

A box of Marlboro Ultra Light 100's please....

Zoot posted today about how she's an ex-smoker and it got me to thinking again about smoking. . .

Who am I kidding? I only quit October 1st. I'm still thinking about smoking, I never quit thinking about smoking. What would happen if I just smoked one? Man I'd feel good if I had one. I'm so stressed out, etc etc etc. But, in honor of not smoking I'm going to list as many awesome reasons not to smoke that I can think of:

(1) my clothes don't stink
(2) my breath doesn't stink
(3) my hand doesn't stink (I still sometimes pull it away when Josh goes to kiss it b/c I'm afraid it stinks, old habits die hard I guess)
(4) more cash to spend on shoes
(5) supposedly healthier (yet to see that!)
(6) no more wheezing when climbing stairs at work (still beats me up but that's the extra cellulose i'm hauling around)
(7) can ride places with other people without wishing I were in my car to smoke
(8) no rain coming in window b/c i need it cracked to smoke
(9) don't have 12 trillion ashes on my dash
(10) don't have 12 trillion empty cigarette boxes in my car
(11) can pay at the pump and get going without having to go inside to buy more cigarettes
(12) i can fully judge those stinky people at work who come in smelling like cigarette smoke without feeling like a hypocrite ;)
(13) I can say, yep I quit smoking
(14) No more dirty ashtrays sitting next to my computer or couch, etc
(15) less money spent on gum, breath mints, febreeze, etc

I'm sure there are a million more. But it's still a hard habit to shake. And reading the comments on Zoot's entry lets me know that it doesnt get much easier. I don't quit wanting one. I just have to stand strong. It's just hard b/c sometimes I still think of myself as a smoker. I relate to the girls at work who just want to be dismissed so they can get a cigarette even tho I know that it is horrible for their babies. I understand the pull. I understand the attraction. I understand the myopia once you think about smoking that cigarette.


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